Best Beach Wagons Maintenance Tips

If you have managed to get some of the best beach wagons off the stores each year you shop for one and you still cannot make them last as long as they are supposed to, well, you must be doing something wrong.

The beach wagons deserve to be taken care of the same way the other stuff you have in your house are catered to. What could you do? Here are some of the maintenance tips you can use when you are taking care of the best beach wagons you have in your shed:

Limit the load.

Just because you have the coolest beach wagon for kids doesn’t mean that you have to mistreat it too. Each of the beach wagons in the market has its own load limit. You should try as much as possible to keep the value of the weight below or at the recommended weight given by the manufacturer.

Most of the manufacturers indicate the maximum load that you can have on the wagon, so it will not be difficult for you to determine how many items you are going to carry on the load.

Mind the type of material used

Sure some of the best beach wagons are made from metal, but that does not mean that it is invisible from wear and tear. If you want to make the wagon last, then you should be willing to avoid carrying anything that may speed up the wear and tear process.

For metal based beach wagons, carrying anything with corrosive properties may shorten their lifespan, so you may just need to carry anything that doesn’t contain liquids.

The plastic based wagons can have a great lifespan even when carrying the liquids (corrosive materials may include skin care products that you need to use at the beach). The only drawback is that you may need to carry less weight with it.

Minimize use to at least the beach and grocery store

Even the best beach wagons need to be used whenever appropriate. Leaving the wagons to be used as play toys on the back yard may minimize the chances of them surviving a couple more years.

The beach wagons are ideal for use in the grocery store and can also be used by kids for fun, but just try to monitor its use.

Using the appropriate lubricant for the wheels

Apply the lubricant that is recommended by the manufacturer if necessitated. There lubrication is usually not of importance to the wheel system of the beach wagons, but it may come in handy when the wheels start creaking.

There are some universal lubes that you may try for your wagon if the use of a specific brand is not necessitated by the manufacturer.

Storing in a moisture free shed

If the beach wagon is too big for your house, store it in a shed that has minimal humidity and moisture. Trust me, you would not want to end up with a rusty wagon.

If it is not possible to escape the natural humidity of the area, the best solution is to oil it after every wash, so that the surface area of the wheels is not exposed to the moisture for long and one of the best beach wagons ever turns into an immobile piece of trash.