Best Break Barrel Air Rifle on The Market

There are many types of air guns in the market currently. The most common one though, is the break barrel air rifle. The break barrel air riffle is used in many activities, mostly for sports and hunting. You might want to be a pro shooter but can’t get access to any of these guns.


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If that is the case, why not make a prototype of the same gun… You can design a prototype break barrel air riffle but you may need to find the best break barrel air rifle to compete with the big guns. This is just a prototype to give you the firsthand experience of the gun range.

How to make a prototype air gun

If you have understood how the air guns work, then you will not have problems making one for yourself. So that I do not raise the hopes of people who do not have a clue on what I am talking about, I am going to briefly state what you need to use and a bit of the process.

You will need to find an empty aerosol can, preferably one that is cone shaped at the front. The best aerosol can to use is the aluminum can; it will not have sharp serrated edges after it is cut. The other thing you need is a pair of rubber disks.

You will first cut the can on the bottom and remove the top part of it to leave a clean hollow area on both sides of the can. The two rubber disks should be able to fit in both sides of the cylinder. What you need to finish off the prototype is a piston and a projectile that you are going to use.

Note that you will need to lubricate the gun first before using it. Slide the smaller disk first through the larger end up to the smaller end. Leave some space over the opening to provide space for the projectile to sit on. Slide the other rubber disk in and push with the piston. The pressure created inside will push the other disk up to the brim and release it with a pop, sending the projectile flying through the air.

If you are a grown up and you can handle guns, then that is not the project you want to sit the whole day doing. There are a couple of high quality break barrel air guns out there for your choosing. If you can’t make up your mind on which one of the great guns is the one you want to use, why not try one model of the gambo break barrel air riffles.

The gamo break barrel air rifles are the best break barrel air rifles you can find in the market. I have a million reasons why I consider this gun as the best rifle for you. The main reason that I consider it the best is the power it has. The gun is able to send projectiles flying through the air with breathtaking velocities.